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Hilary vs Lazio Gina * Gina On 06/01/2000 11:32:00 PM, DBLIVIT wrote:
>Is Hillary registered to vote
>in NY?

Probably not - she's the 2000 version of "the great pretender" I want puke every time I hear her say "I'm a New Yorker ain't I" Hillary hasn't a clue bout being a New YaWker - she wears the wrong shoes LOL

GAWDDDDDDDDD I pity New YaWkers for having being invaded by such two legged "creepysprawlies" such as the "Serpentclintons" - BUT please don't send them south we got enough with Miami Mayor "Coroyuption" & the "Take back Cuba Flotilla Gang" .

Where the hell is "The Mosquito Man" when ya need him - maybe he could do New York a HUGH favor an bug spray "Pied Piper" them back to Arkansas OR better yet another planet.

Happy Days will continue New YaWkers - just get out and vote in the GRANDEST of New YaWk ways..."your way"


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