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BOARDWALK ISLANDS Dan Blaine DBLIVIT Since you posted this on the "Hoftopia" page, I'm assuming you want to know about the islands in the context relating to Hoftopia:

In brief, the two Islands are called Hoffman and Swinburne. In the year 2010, all annoyms were exiled to Hoffman Island. (the larger of the two).

Sometime later, a charter boat out of Great Kills, the "SS Minnow" ran aground on Swinburne Island. The captain, old NaCl, was courtmartialed and the first mate, Gulagann, founded a uptopian society on Swinburne's Island.

More details can be found by reading "Hoftopia in Nutshell" posted in the archives.

If you want a more factual history of these islands, please repost your query on the "Nostrivia" bulletin board.

BTW: Welcome on board!

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