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Memorial Day Stanley J. Singer sjsinger FawCawnahs,
World War I was to end all wars, since than history shows that there has not been a five year period in which there was no armed conflict major or minor. Look around you today. more people are involved in armed conflict or preparing for conflict than ever before. Korea, China, N;north Vietnam, Irag, Iran. If we are weak we are vulnerable and the next war we will not have the luxury of having the conflict on some one else's land.
the Euro combination will last only as long as it is economically feasible and even today there are conflicts within its core.
I don't look back, I try to look ahead. What is done is done, lets prevent it in the
future by being ready, I didn't say aggressive. In Bosnia, Irag, the Serbs, the Hatians and others regard as hated aggressors and hold us in contempt. Travel in Europe and especially France and you will begin to understand how the world feels about us. The press of those countries vilified us when Clinton dropped bombs on two countries and to this day, justifcation cannot be proven. I wish I could take an idealistic approach as you do, but having served in three wars, I cannot do so. Try fighting with a computer against an atomic bomb, I don't think it will work. Our prosperity is based on our technological advances, what happens when the other nations buy enough technology from us. The economy will stand a good chance of collapsing. Remember since Jan 1, Nasdaq has lost over a trillion dollars in value.
I would like to live in a world like you suggest, but is it possible.

Stan Singer

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