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Memorial Day Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs No Amen, Stan.

That's looking back.

The world is changing.

We're a lot more interdependent than we ever were. We used to be isolated. No more.

Other places have changed. Many of the European nations, historically at each other's throats from generation to generation decided, after the last blood-letting, to form a community. The European Community is a tremendous experiment in cooperation in hopes of deterring war.

Since a lot of what we depend on here in the U.S. comes from overseas, we'll have to think a lot more before we go adventuring with our armed forces than we did in the past. Might save us more than a little embarrassment.

Sure we can rue the day we gave up our shipyards, but that gets us nowhere. Now we have the next industrial revolution upon us, in the form of internet commerce, communication, and content. We never had that before. We're fortunate to be in the forefront. But we won't be forever. However, we should be well-placed to lead the next wave.

I see this as good. Or at least hopeful. I'd rather see my kids headed toward Silicon Valley than the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Look back, look forward, the choice is yours, but events tend to force the choice.


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