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Memorial Day Stanley J. Singer sjsinger Ace,
I thank you for remembering me and apologize for the delay in answering. Memorial Day for me is a sad day for two reasons; the first of which are the memories that it brings and the second is when I think about the future of our great country.
I am saddened to think that we are no longer a country governed by the people for the people when I see those large payments made to "buy" our politicians. Surely these contributions are not made for the good of the country but are "you owe me" loans.
These special interests have forced our factories to close and disintegrate, so that I doubt that we could even clothe our Military Forces in a future emergency. Our shipyards are gone and can no longer produce the necessary vessels to defend our coasts. Our oil supply is dependent on antagonists foreign countries. Our Coast Guard had to decrease operations in interdicting drug imports and life saving efforts because of budget restrictions. Our Military has been downsized and spread thinly across the world to a dangerous situation. Our aircraft are aged and maintenance is not only costly but not readily available, the morale of the military is low and recruiting is almost non-existant due to broken promises and below poverty pay. Even our food supply is dependent on foreign imports, if you doubt this look at the products in your local food markets. I could go on and on , but I believe that my personal feelings have been expressed and I trust that Americans will begin to think more and more about Americans and our future.
Sorry for the pessimistic posting, maybe my reaction to Memorial Day caused the outburst.
Stanley J. Singer
Col. USAF Retired

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