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Memorial Day - Our Own Lee Shake Salutes... Gina * Gina Lee Shake, a long time member of the SI Web site sent several of us an e-mail last evening in which he included a link. I thought it would be best shared right here so his hometown "family of friends" could see what Lee was uP to over the Memorial Day weekend. Lee Shake formerly of Great Kills, Staten Island has made front page news in The Grand Haven Tribune of West Michigan...

Three cheers for Lee Shake, he did it again :))

Honoring Our Heroes AND Patriotism Theme at SL

*NOTE - the links below may not be available after a period of time - it's all uP to the Grandhave Tribune and how often they archive their articles - at a later date it may link to something totally unrelated - sorry bout that.

CLICK BELOW N GO.......$rec=4755?news


*the caption under the picture says Lee is on the left...NOT...he's the guy in the picture on the right.



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