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Tender Mercies Robert Sheridan FawCawnahs Thought you'd like that Change of Venus, KP/PK; I wuz havin' fun with it myself so I thought I'd throw it out there.

As for yer buddy LaDoo, I can't disagree with him, as this time I find him agreein' with me, and I need all the allies I can find around here.

Why anyone would expect lawyers to be more honest than the common run of humanity out of which they spring is beyond me, however.

Do we expect cops to tell the truth?



The argument that by lying in court you deprive the other side of a fair day in court has a certain amount of truth, of course. On the other hand it is so common it is rarely prosecuted. The trick in court is to deal with the current lies, in the current case. Life is too short to take each current case, with its current lies, and multiply it by adding new prosecutions on account of lying. Then there'd be lying in the new level of cases and so on. So as a pracical matter, we try to uncover the present lies, point them out, and leave it at that.

Of course Clinton was lying. What would you do if your wife caught you in bed with another woman? You're gonna deny it and say, "Who you gonna believe, me or your lying eyes?"

Let's not expect much more moral purity than we are prepared to live up to ourselves. The argument that Clinton deprived his lady acquaintance of her day in court, where she was trying to skewer him, in a case financed by his political enemies, strikes me as so much political propaganda. I'm surprised anyone took it as worth more than that.

I'm gonna forgive you, tho,' LaDoo, on the grounds I'm gonna balance you out, where you agree and where you disagree, and figure you're all right. The disagree part, I'm gonna attribute to the Southern Comfort. BTW, what's an upstanding guy like you doin' drinkin' what I saw described here not too long ago as "Liquid Panty Remover?" Relivin' old memories?

-rs :)

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