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Memorial Day Parade Margie Stephens Margie My town doesn't have a parade, but a small ceremony at our Vets park. Being a small(ish) town, the mayor turns on the charm and looks out at the audience, mentioning everyone there who wears the slightest hat in city doings.

Names and positions are mentioned with applause after each name. I've asked again and again (five, six times!?) this *not* be done. I'm allowed to gripe as I'm on a city commission so my name is called.

Then, sometimes, there's a call for a show of hands of all vets. My husband raises his hand. No names, no applause. Next year I'm going to **stand** and applaud all the vets. I'm ashamed of myself for not having done it this year. I promise to make trouble next year. I'm also going to hand deliver a note to our vice mayor who was the Master of Ceremonies yesterday asking the policy be changed. I'll deliver a carbon to the mayor, too, and hope I can get the policy changed.

For heaven's sake, the day is Memorial Day, not Smooze-get-all-the-votes-you-can day.

Vets and those in Service now - thank you from the bottom of my heart.


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