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S.I. trip Charles Evans Cron Mother is doing well, thank you all. Did manage some free time to explore Sandy Ground. I did get in touch with the Sandy Ground Historical Society Marguerite but our time schedules didn’t coincide. However, with my trusty “Hunters Grave” article, an old S.I. map (pre 1940), and my general knowledge of S.I., I was able to reconnoiter the area very well. Imagination and a few “pardon me for trespassing on your estate’s” were necessary for me to envision many of the sites, but that’s what makes field work fun. I did find all the graveyards mentioned in the story and walked many of the old lanes and streets off of Woodrow and Bloomingdale Rd’s, making rough sketches and notations as I walked.
Also, to bunt one out to you Island buffs, I had a great German dinner at Schaffer’s, in Mieres Corners. rs should remember that place, owned and operated by the same family since 1933.
While having my car serviced at Dainer Motor’s, off the South Shore Expressway, I called an old friend and arranged for a tour of the “largest garbage dump in the world”, no sketches or notations made on this trek. Besides the obvious objections to such a thing being on the Island, I must say, it is an absolute engineering marvel.

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