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SI safe haven? John Ritter JR I lived in the town of chincoteague for a few years after getting out of the navy. Although the local banks had vaults the town had a very small police department. The main security apparatus for the town was a draw bridge. On the Mainland side of the bridge was a 7 mile causeway and on the town side was the police department office. so when non locals came into town the first thing they would see is the cops. If someone robbed the bank or other major crime the first thing they did was open the bridge. Outside criminals
did not know to do the crime via boat and the local guys knew they and there boat would be identified. I was shopping in the market and dropped a $50 on the way to the cash register and the person behind me returned it. I was never asked for ID when cashing a check with a local address. The place reminded me of the Staten Island I remember, or it may have been even better. Down side it was in the middle of no where.

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