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Tender Mercies Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu bob,

just read this stuff after being off line the whole weekend.

your are partically correct bob. strip away all the things clinton did as president and he comes out looking pretty good. the economy thing however was started by a previous administration. clinton had/has good advisors who told him to leave it alone of it is working. clinton the good politician he is, did so and walla --- a great economy that is currently heading to the sewer -- or will be soon.

my point, and i am considered a moderate, is that a learder should be held to higher standards then the average john q citicizen.
i am personally offended that clinton, a lawyer, lied under oath. if he lied on public tv, which he did, ok so what? big deal. all men and women lie about certain things, yours truly included. i am not without sin as the bible says or wants or whatever.

however i was offended that clinton lied under oath and his lieing caused a fellow american citizen her right to due and equal process under the law.

i do not support paula jones in any way. i have no real reason to believe or not believe her story.

as for being a bit more moderate, yes, i agree. i have had to do that in many cases in which i have had to represent individuals who were lieing to me etc.

as a former union representative i took an oath to represent individuals to the best of my abilities. but i drew the line when they lied to me and were caught at it with me in the middle.

clinton did this. i have always believed attorneys should uphold the law, make sure their clients are telling the truth. and if they discover their client is lieing, then either let the court know -- as the bar code says they should -- or get the client to tell the truth publically. defend the client under the law -- make sure they get equal, fair and unbiased representation, nothing less, nothing more.

anyways, your opinion is highly appreciated as far as i am concerned, because it makes me thing twice about what i believe i should do.


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