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SI safe haven? Dan Blaine DBLIVIT I think the security of being on an island where everyone knows everyone else keeps the crime rate down.

In 1967 I walked into a bank in the town of Chania on the island of Crete to change my dollars into drachmas. As the teller served me, I looked behind the counter and all the currency the bank had was stacked in the open on a big table. I mean it looked like someone had taken a hundred monopoly games and laid all the money from them on this huge table.

Curious, I asked the teller what was the money on the table for? She explained they didn't have a vault, and it was easier to sort the money on the table.

"Wasn't the bank afraid of being robbed?" I asked. She replied that if anyone robbed them, where would they go? Everybody knew everyone else, and a stranger would have no chance of getting out of town.

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