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Tender Mercies Charlie Joseph CharlieJ As a military man, I was personally offended by his draft dodging. However, I can accept that as my opinion not shared by others who have different priorities or view things differently.
What really bothered me was him stating officially that he did not have sex in what most people would agree is sex or words to that effect. C'mon now. We're all grownups. He got a bj. That's sex, no matter how you view it. (Reminds me of an old Chief I once knew who used to say, "hummers don't count"). Trying to call it something else, shows an utter disrespect for the intelligence of the average person. And that to me is indicative of a much larger underlying and insidious problem. One manifestation I believe, being that he thinks he's above the law as it should apply to you or me.
As far as the success of the economy, I think that's been driven by the explosion of the information age and all it's beneficial fall-out. Not the specific actions of any politician of political party. I think too much credit or blame is placed on political entities for the vagaries of the economic engines of this country and the world. Technological advances both fuel and brake the speed of change more than politicians. Look back in history at the industrial revolution for one. The economies affect the political processes far more than any politician can have an effect on a given economy.


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