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Memorial Day Parade Marguerite Rivas sipoet Just wanted to remind everyone that the Memorial Day Parade is Monday starting at Hart Blvd. on Forest and ending at the Plaza. It gets my goat every year when I see the overwhelming disparity between the crowd size at the parade and the crowd size of the St.Patrick's Day parade. I live near Forest and every year the streets are packed with cars and people trying to get near the Avenue. Men, women, and children by the droves. Some just looking for an excuse to get drunk. Then comes Memorial Day. A few years ago, we thought the parade had been cancelled because there were so few people on the Avenue. We almost went home until we heard the band in the distance. It was a disgrace.Now I know a lot of people take the opportunity to go out of town, but if the crowded supermarkets are any indication ALL of Staten Island hasn't gotten up and left.
Now, let me confess. You may have noticed that I don't often join political debates on this board, mostly because political debates get me too fired up and I tend to take things a little too much to heart, but here's the confession: I'm one of those pinko,lefty liberal types that I hear some of you rail against. I'm voting for Hillary and probably campaigning for her, too. I believe in a woman's right to choose and I hate the glorification of war. That said, I am someone who loves this country, whether I agree with all of it or not and I have an OVERHWELMING admiration for all of those who have served this country in whatever war we were engaged in. I have tried to instill this respect in my children. Both of them are marching in the parade tomorrow. One of them will be dressing up as a "newsie" and marching behind the Advance restored early 1900's truck and handing out special copies of the Advance listing all of Staten Island's heroes - our war dead. If you get a copy, take it home, and say a prayer, send a thought, whatever of thanks for those brave people who left the security of their island homes so that we may be free to post stuff like this, to barbecue, to read the Advance, to say the prayer in the first place.

If you need more information about the parade, you can check the website.I'm proud to say that my daughter is quoted in one of the articles. I guess all that stuff does sink in after awhile.


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