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So U wanna get a Palm Pilot Thingy... John Ritter JR My Plam Pilot has a calender. It gives me a beep 15 minutes before a meeting or 5 minutes before I need to take a pill. It's also good for setting chat dates if the other party would just get there at the right time.

I have to watch my diet, exercise and blood sugar. I have three programs that assist me. I enter in everything I eat and it helps me manage a 1500-2000 cal. diet. When my exercise, take meds, or blood samples it all goes into the palm for analysis later. If I eat a new food or do a different exercise the palm tells me what effect it should have automatically.

At work I use the palm instead of a daytimer book, saves about five pounds and also I only have to enter something once as I can copy it over via a a sync program.

Other people can send me things by beaming them to my palm. My wife can send me honey do lists while I sleep. The girls in the office can invite me to lunch or send me one of those "I've got something heavy to move in the supply room, meet me after the meeting...

So that thingy your talking about has many uses.


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