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For those people who hate the laggggggg time in using your Web Browser to load java to get to "Staten Island Chat" click below and download

* Microsoft Chat.

** U can also down load Internet Explorer 4.0 from this location.

Click on the appropriate Windows Operating System (Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 3.1) you have and a menu will drop down then click on Microsoft Chat - a window will come uP for you to download click an save. After it's down loaded you will have to follow your install instructions for your computer.

People who are using Internet Explorer will get a prompt that may have 2 choices 1. install from current location or 2. Download to your computer - I've used both and from Microsoft I usually use choice #1 rather then taking up space on my h/d with the .exe file and then having to install etc.

After you have installed the Microsoft Chat there are some basics you will have to do like...

You'll have to enter your name, e-mail address and some profile information about yourself.

Take note the server for Staten Island Chat is:

The room you want to join is:


and so on

GOOD LUCK & C U in chat


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