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Not here John Ritter JR On 05/25/2000 8:40:00 AM, Cron wrote:
>No I don't Rich, the people I
>refer to on Manor Rd. are in
>the fairly new V.N. memorial
>on the corner of Manor and
>Martlings, actually on Armory
>property. These friends are
>there in spirit, I knew many
>and have come to love them
>all. God, never let me
>forget. Fitting for Memorial
All the reference material and the big book at the wall in D. C. just say NY, NY as home town or place of enlistment. Is there a separate list anywhere for those from SI. Many of my generation, including me have guilt and a strange feeling why we were selected not to be on the wall. I have dedicated my life to living it to the fullest having been, in my view, given this greatest of gifts more than once. It is fitting and good that those of the four wars are remembered with memorials, ceremonies and parades. I will think of the parade from Plesent Planes to Tottenville on Monday. If anyone has the list I am looking for and thinking of please send it to me.

God Bless those who bought us our freedom.


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