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Charlton Hairsuit was really suspicious of the two guys in black. As president of the NRA, he felt it was his duty to check out anything that appeared to be even remotely UN-American. If only he hadn't had to surrender his UZI to that lifeguard at South Beach! Without the secure feeling of his firearm in his hand, he didn't know what action to take. If only he could find a third party that could tell him whether these guys in black were good guys or bad guys?

He looked back and in the car behind the Brookhatten truck there was a lady sitting in the front passenger's seat. Strangely enough, no one appeared to be in the driver's seat. He walked back to the car (a red 1951 Studebaker) and asked the lady if she knew anything about the men in black shooting crap under the tailgate of the truck in front of her.

She replied that she didn't, but her companion did...he knew the evil that lurked in the minds of men. Charlton looked at her and asked where her companion was. She replied that he was here and was observing the goings on in front. Charlton looked puzzled and the lady noticed it and quickly replied: "Look, my name is Margo, and here's my companion's business card:"

On the card was printed: "SHADOW ENTERPRISES...we know the evil that lurks in the minds of men" 12 1 13 15 14 20 3 18 1 14 19 20 15 14 prop. Since Charlton Hairsuit did not own a Captain Midnight decoder ring, he could not decipher the code for the proprietor's name. Can anyone out there help????

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