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Custard's Last Stand Dan Blaine DBLIVIT DBLIVIT arrived in Cheyenne on the 20th Century Limited Streamliner. Trying to save a few bucks, he didn't eat in the dining car, but survived on crumb buns, nunzio's pizza, kaiser rolls from Buda bakers and washed it all down with Birch Beer from Al Deppe's.

He had a point of contact to carry out his assignment for the Queen Mum's lawyer, Rumpohlstilskin. Her name was Cattle Kate and she was not only the proprietor of the fanciest house in town, she also had the mayor by the b*lls. After getting a shave and a haircut, plus putting on his official sh*tpicker's uniform (orange pants, green parkie shirt and an orange dixie cup sailor hat) , DBLIVIT rang the doorbell to Kate's fancy house. The door was opened by her bouncer, the Sundyke Kid.

Looking over the strangely attired person in front of her, the Kid gruffly asked DBLIVIT what he wanted. DBLIVIT handed her an envelope sealed with the wax insignia of the Queen Mum. As soon as the Kid saw the seal, she called for Cattle Kate . Kate, dressed in an Annie Oakley cowgirl outfit immediately came out of the parlor and taking DBLIVIT by the hand, led him into her private office.

Kate told DBLIVIT that any friend of the Queen Mum's was welcome in her establishment and what could she do for him? DBLIVIT explained the difficulties the Queen Mum was having with the red tape at SI's Borough hall and thought that perhaps her old friend, Cattle Kate could give her some suggestions.

Kate explained that times were tough in the B&B (booze and bordello) business. Ever since the local indian problem had been resolved, the US Cavalry had pulled most of their troops out of Cheyenne. The Cavalry had been main customer base for Cattle Kate's B&B. With them gone, the local politicians were not getting the kick-back from Cattle Kate's B&B they used to and there was a good chance they would be defeated in the next election.. Under the slogan "Less money, but more Morality" the opposition party was gaining in popularity.

Kate suggested that DBLIVIT travel up to Fort Laramie via the stage coach and contact her business partner, Butch Cassidy. The Butch's business was thriving. She not only had the local government eating of her pocket, she had hired a new piano player from back East that should increase her bar business to the point where it would make more money than the bed business.

General Custard, the commander of the US Cavalry had moved his troops further north to Fort Laramie and that also helped increase Butch's business. Ever since the Indians had united under one leader, Chief Sitting-in-BS, General Custard thought it prudent to be closer to the Black Hills and the Dakota Badlands where Sitting-in-BS was holed up.

So, DBLIVIT hopped on the noon stage to Fort Laramie....

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