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No Topic Harry White hrwhite On 05/25/2000 8:43:00 PM, irish2000 wrote:
>new at this chat stuff help

Welcome Irish2000, Not to much to it. First this is not a chat, this is a bulletin board.
There are chats available. You have to "click" on chat in the banner area above "New Messages" and then follow the instructions. You are welcome to visit a chat and do not have to participate. Just enter and watch, you'll get the hang of it. When you enter the chat your name will appear so that those present will know that a new person entered. They will most likely welcome you by name.
This bulletin board is a place, or really several places, where you can post a question, opinion or almost anything. You are also welcome to add your comments to an existing post. Just read through a few and you will catch on.
Sometimes the subjects are misleading or the subject matter changes considerably. Read, post and enjoy.

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