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Clinton - Disbarment - Maybe Not! Charles Schleininger corsair When he gave testimony in the Paula
Jones suit he was testifying as a private
citizen. He continued his non sex story
about Monica. Later it came out he lied
about his relationship with Monica. The
judge found him in contempt, fined him
$90,000 & recommended he loose his
license. A panel has agreed. Now it goes
before another judge.

So how is this, & the obscenities at last
nights fund raiser playing in Hillarys
camp. (The sickest line of the night, when
Robin Williams saw a little boy sitting
there was:" Well son I guess you learned
some new words!" To which the Clinton's
& Gores responded with laughter.) So
much for Hillarys children come first
theme. Also wasn't Tipper one of the
ones who wanted recordings rated per
their sexual content?

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