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ah, this explains a lot Debra Romano(nee Holman) debradolls Adam was unhappy being alone so God made him a woman. God gives this woman to Adam and names her Eve. A few days later Adam calls God and tells Him how much he appreciates his new companion. "God" he says, "Eve is so beautiful, I look at her all day long." "Yes" says God, "I made her that way so that you would love her." "God" Adam replies, "Eve is so kind, I cannot thank you enough for her gentle manner and how much she cares for me and the animal." "Yes" God says again, "I made her that way so that you will be happy and love her." "But God" confesses Adam, "Eve, she is a little bit on the stupid side? What happened?" "ADAM!", God shouts, "I made her that way so that she would love YOU!."

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