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No Topic Gina * Gina On 05/25/2000 2:33:00 PM, trollman wrote:
In Part:
>I'll try to remain
>surreptitious and not make my
>vocabulary choices exceedingly
>ostentatious with their
>inappropriate delegation. I
>confidently trust this will
>not bequest a quandary.

G - Not to worry Trollman, he's cool - I'll send Patos a new Dictionary for his B'day. BTW Patos is just as ubiquitous as Jimmy Mack...ya know they have this uncanny way of being or seeming to be everywhere at the same time LOL

WOW! holy sh*t Patos all we did was talk about JM for a few minutes the other night and about that crazy van of yours that U had the guts to drive them around in N l^oo^k at this...a Jimmy Mack post person...super duper Esp wouldn't U say :)

Waving to Patos now ~~~~~~~~~~~~ do ya think this is in "Fench" or what?


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