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No Topic Dave Troland trollman Right you are about Earl Slick. I remember seeing Jimmy perform at Wolf's Pond Park where he set fire to a guitar (tres Hendrix), although it was a really cheap out of tune guitar that he substituted at the last second. Sort of like boiling your draft card or putting your bra in the toaster oven.
Please tell me that he's still performing somewhere! I have all his albums (33 1/3s!!!) and I keep telling my wife how great this guy was back then. My band would play at the Studio in Tottenville, but I was more interested in finishing our set so that I could get to watch him play instead. I called Gene Leppik a few years ago, and he was very appreciative of my comments about his great music, but has dropped out of the music biz. He told me that Jimmy still works at it, so please tell me if that's still true.

I'll try to remain surreptitious and not make my vocabulary choices exceedingly ostentatious with their inappropriate delegation. I confidently trust this will not bequest a quandary.


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