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S.I. again/again Marguerite Rivas sipoet Hi Ron,
Good luck to your mom on her cataract operation.

If you plan on a visit to Sandy Ground, you should see the new exhibit that the Sandy Ground Historical Society has mounted. The Historical Society is on Woodrow Road right before you come to Bloomingdale Road. You might want to check the hours. Admission was $6. for adults. Maybe a little steep, but I found it worth it. It's clear that these folks need all of the funding that they can get. They are doing such an outstanding job of preserving the past. The exhibit shows African-American life on Staten Island from the earliest days. It is small, but wonderful. The director gave us a a guided tour. At the end of it, you get to see a movie made in the early 80's I think. It is startling to see the contrast between the old Sandy Ground and the horribly over-developed Rossville. It is really sad, but the presence of the Historical Society and descendents of Sandy Ground residents (sixth and seventh generation, I believe) is inspiring. These folks are really holding the line for all of us displaced oldtimers. If I were to win the lottery, my first donation would be to them.

Take care and best of health to your mother.

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