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No Topic Dave Troland trollman Jimmy Mack was indeed ubiquitous, appearing in Mack Truck, Odz Bodkin with Jimmy Mack, Jimmy Mack and the Jumpers, and the Jimmy Mack Band, et al. Kingdom Road was a semi-rock band that really shone when they played acoustic guitars and performed their original material. A coffee house in Tottenville? Yo, wassup wid dat?

I attended Our Lady Help of Christians (Old Lady's Hat Club) and then went to, er, um, eheh, Farrell. Then to Niagara University. Catholic to a fault.

Listen, I was reading some of the archives here and discovered that you are a notable poet in these parts. Excellent! I too have what I consider to be some good poems (I've read bad poems - these are not them...)and I was wondering if you'd like to critique/review/advise.
If possible, maybe you could give me some direction (unless they're to Fresh Kills).

Be Well.

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