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The Squqdron That Never Was John Ritter JR >On 05/23/2000 6:59:00 PM, CharlieJ wrote:
>I have many flight hours in the ASW version of
>the P2 and it's replacement the P3.

Yea, Charlie mentions ASW but doesent explain the acronym. All us good ship sailors know it as alcohol, sports cars & women. As this web site is mixed gender I am not at liberty to tell you what the fleet calls P-3's (two of the words are pizza and perdiem. SI-web's margie is also married to a P-3 guy, better known as a BB stacker. When we had been out to sea for weeks the shore based P-3's would come out on station and stay around for a few hours. When leaving the would always send a coded message, a part of which was always I'll have a cold one for you in a few hours for ya. Of course we really loved them for it!


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