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Clinton - Disbarment - Maybe Not! George Jaenicke grjaenicke Well why should we think that he will wind up being disbarred? He has walked away unscathed from every thing else that he has lied about or done wrong since he's been President. Why should we expect this to change now.

The good old boys club in Arkansas will whitewash this too. He will continue to be the most immoral president in modern day history. The thing that amazes me more than anything else is there are people out there that still believe that "character" doesn't matter, as a criteria for those holding public office.

What an example is being set by him for the young people in this country today. The message, it's okay to do whatever you want, no matter how wrong or immoral it is, as long as you can buy the best lawyers and judges around to get you off the hook.

Well, I sure don't look up to him and his kind, and I am glad that I try not to lead my life like his.

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