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Clinton - Disbarment - Maybe Not! Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu my readin of da scriptures --- oops da law is dat wot the slim bucket did was not an official act as president which would protect him and rightly so.

he did his dirty deed in a court of law as a citizen. he denied an american citizer her right to a hearing on the issues by his sleezy lieing. yes he lied. he did not fudge as some dimwits are trying to pronounce.

he did an unamerican thing and should have been thrown out of office for it. however, the idotes in washington were just too dam stupid and cowardly to do what was right.

anyday dats water under da bridge.

i still think the dirt bag will get off because there is no one in the bar, especially in ar kansas with the brass, ya all know what, ta do the american thing --- keep the bar clean and make the job of the good attorneys better and easier.


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