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well since the statues of the limitations is long past i guess i can confess to da dirty deeds i done did while a growin up in mariners harbor.

harbor road over pass --- or is it underpass??? anyways heres what me an some o my buddies usta do.

we get a big thick heavy long rope and tie it to da sewer pipes under da bridge. when a freight train was a comming, we would swing rite out in front oh da engin and watch as da engin ear look in fright as we go a passing by.

he jam on da brakes, swear at us, chase us a bit -- he was too old ta catch us an all.

den he wud climb up on da sewer pipes and take our rope. he throw it in one of da freight cars and den take off. next ting we no is da rail road dicks are a looking for us.

never got caught. did it several times. was real fun den, but now??? not me, i tink imma bit wiser.


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