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Stickball Revisited Dave Troland trollman We used to play "Wall Ball" at PS 1 during the summer. It was played with a spongy softball that was pretty much dead and had lumps in it. The batter, facing the wall about 30 ft away, tried to hit the ball against the wall such that the pitcher would not be able to spin around and catch the rebound on a fly. Any cleanly fielded ball by the pitcher resulted in an out. The backstop was that bizarre brown tunnel that ran along the edge of PS 1, which most of us climbed on to get to the Summit Street side in a hurry.

Vacation Day Camp at PS 1 was a very cool thing, although the budget was minimal. The program consisted of stickball (bring your own stick), basketball on the old steel backboards with bent rims (forget about nets), and wiffleball and dodgeball (same as "WarBall"). The best part was going to Artie's (later George's, originally Mazie's) for a foot long push-up pop and some Turkish Taffy.
I always like the flavor "blue". The other pasttime was flipping baseball cards like the cardgame "war". With Baseball cards it was known as "colors", as dark blue beat light blue, etc. They always came with that horrid pink rectangle of masonite-like gum with the 5 cards. I knew a guy that bought 2 full cartons of cards at Artie's and chewed all the gum. He carries his teeth in his pocket these days.

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