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SI safe haven? Harry White hrwhite I think we lived in a safer time. I remember my mom picking up hitch hiking GI's during/after the war. As a kid I hitch hiked to favorite fishing holes and lots of other places on the Island. I think that those of us who lived on the Island in the '40/50's lined in a more law abiding society.
Another thing to think about is criminals want an escape route. When you commit a crime on an island you are pretty isolated and escape is only via a few routes that can be easily blocked. Island living is not going to stop all crime but I do think it gives the public a feeling of safety.
No place is truly safe any more. I spend my winters in a small town. Only one road out of town so it is like an island with one connection to the rest of the world. I feel perfectly safe but there are places in town that are not safe which is true of most areas. You have to identify the unsafe areas and avoid them. When we talk about how safe we are here someone always points out that we are just a 6 hour drive in a stolen vehicle from LA.

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