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The old SIRT pictures and information Neal Mulligan neal On 05/16/2000 2:27:00 PM, grjaenicke wrote:
>This is a good link for
>information on the old Staten
>Island Rapid Transit. Did you
>know they used to have a spur
>that ran into MT. Loretto.

George, thanks for the site but I can't access it. Are you sure about the address?
Spur ran into the Mt. and terminated behind the Laundry or Trade School, or along side those buildings. It was used to deliver coal when I was there. I have no idea when they stopped using it but it was before '73. When I visited back then all the tracks were gone.
Great fun, we would walk out on the trestle
and jump into the coal. It was about a 15 foot drop into a sloping pile of pea coal. Better than bungie jumping.


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