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SI safe haven? Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu sipoet,

i agree with bob. i remember being told by my older sisters and a brother-in-law who was killed by a subway train at 14th st many moons ago, that it the island is a safe haven.

however, i learned that was not really true. the island did give the illusion of being safe, but my present home here in maryland does that too.

anyways, i know how you feel because when my wife did a gig -- that was many years ago too, in manhattan --- she on the guitar me on the keyboard, we parked out car on a well lighted street in manhattan. when we came back to the car about 5 hours later, the window was broken and some stuff taken out of the car. the hassle was that it cost two hundred dollars to get the window fixed. it was on a 59 caddie coupe de ville, four door.
well, out gig money went to fix the window in the car since she had a 250 dollar deductable.

oh well. keep your chin up and always, always consider your home a safe haven, even if it may be a slight illusion.


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