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SI safe haven? Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I always thought of SI as safe-haven when I lived there. Crossing one of the three bridges from the Sunday drive to Jersey as a kid meant we were home. Boarding the Ferry at South Ferry, Manhattan, meant a kind of home.

After I left, in the mid-'60s the relatives began reciting the evidence that that the place changed. The drug use, car breakins, etc.

Everything bad was blamed on Da Bridge, like there was only one all of a sudden. That's the one that accounted for the influx of newcomers.

Living on an island, especially a backwater, gives you a feeling of being protected. Isolated. Off the island is the outer world, where the real things happen. A slightly confused way of looking at the world. Provincial, squared.
That's one reason we get off, I guess, to participate in the real world, just like when we graduate high school or college.

We don' wanna be hicks no more.

Spend the rest of our lives trying to recreate that feeling of protectedness we had growing up preparing to take on the world.

Ah, well, it's nice to have illusions, not to mention delusions.


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