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SI safe haven? Marguerite Rivas sipoet Hi guys,
I have a question for you. On Saturday I went to the city to buy some books. While I was in the bookstore, someone broke into my car, smashing the window. Needless to say, I don't need this right now -- an inconvenience, not really a big deal, though. Well, anyway, I told my 86 year old father about it and he said something akin to "that's why you can't venture off the island - nyc stinks." Now, I'm pretty sure we all shared the sense of the big, bad city and all of the attendant crime, pollution, etc. The thing that strikes me lately is the message of inherent danger, not necessarily in going to the city, but in traveling OFF the island. What do you make of this? Did you ever get the message implicit or explicit that there was some kind of danger in leaving the Island? That it was a safe haven and you wouldn't be safe off of it? Is there something about living on an island that lends itself to such thinking naturally. I've always had trouble driving over bridges,and my therapist said that she never saw so many women with bridge phobias until she came to SI. Whaddya think?

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