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A little late for ST. Patty Jim Donnelly Artful Codger Neal:

I had a friend who was an English major at Catholic U in D.C. He said the professor walked in one day and started reading a list of names: "Oscar Wilde . . . Sean O'Casey . . . George Bernard Shaw . . . Oliver Goldsmith . . . Lady Gregory . . . James Joyce . . . Brendan Behan . . . " and he went on for ten minutes or so. Then he asked: "Anybody know what those people had in common?"

Long silence. Finally one student: "They were all writers?"

Professor: "Well, yes, they were all writers and poets and playwrights. What else did they have in common?"

Long silence. Finally: "Uh . . . were they all Irish?"

"Yes, they were all Irish. What else did they have in common?"

No takers. So the professor said, "Every single one of those people left that God-forsaken island as soon as they had saved enough money to take the boat to England."

Jim Donnelly (Don't shoot the messenger)
Hyattsville, Maryland

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