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Rudy Giuliani Robert Sheridan bobsheridan I watched the press conference today in which Mayor Giuliani announced that he would forego the Senate race against Hillary Clinton, in favor of trying to save his life from prostate cancer.

I believe I watched a true New Yorker tell the God's honest truth live and on national tv.

It was moving.

Especially his answer to the last question as to whether this ordeal has brought him closer to God.

"Brought me closer to God? I hope it's brought Him closer to me," was the response as near as I can recall it after a few hours and not taking notes. For a grown man staring his Maker in the eye, that was a world class answer.

What has he resolved to do with his life, now that he's considered what's important? To try to bring people together, especially the ones he managed to alienate.

I've never been more impressed with a good American man, especially one from New York. Until now, living in California, I had no feelings one way or the other about Rudy.

As a trial lawyer, I liked the way he handled his responses to the questions. Asked why he decided not to run, he gave a lawyer's analogy. It's like being in law practice, he said, and you find out you've got cancer. This is not the time to take on a new career case; it's the time to cut back. Made a lot of sense to me.

If he connected with New Yorkers the way he connected with me, I feel he has a lot to contribute towards making it a lot better place.

He has my prayers and best wishes.


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