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now ya all done went an hurt my feelings. now i gotta take anutter swig of four fingers cuz i feel bad.......

ya see here is how we done got hitched.

one nite i took her out ta dinner --- we had a great feast and lotsa drink. now da mrs don't drink by i dooo and i had a weee bit too much and next ting i know imma married. ouch ----

an she gotda betta part cuz i new how ta cook an all dat stuff.

it took me years ta teach her how ta cook. now shes a great cook, but i still cook.

i gots her broken in just rite now. i ain'tna gonna trade her in. it would be too hard and expensive ta go thru all da training i had ta put her thru ta make her da poifit wife.

yeaaa and if ya believe all dat stuff i just said i gotta bridge ta sell ya toooo......


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