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Hoftopia Chronicles....A Snag at the House of Oars Marcene Daniels oldtimer
Well as the days of spring have sprung, so to speak, the madam was getting so frustrated. She went down to file for permits to get on with improving the old buildings and ran into all kinds of forms and paperwork to fill out. She got so damn frustrated with the red tape that she called on Rumple himself for some help decoding them all. Of course he again asked her what was in it for him and she gave him free access to the place anytime he so desired to take advantage of it for relaxation.
Next she hired a decorator. He was a little lite in the loafers but she knew unlike Rumple he had no use for free admission at any time to the place. He got along so well with the ladies and they with him. After all he felt just like one of them. Remember him, Tiny Tim???? Tulips all over the place. ON the walls and on the bed spreads, LOL.
Old NACL was busy getting the boats decorated with the new paint and varnish and fighting with Tiny to keep his damn tulips off them. Enough with the flowers!
The Mick kept coming around trying to get the Madam to let him run the bar in the restaurant. He had connections and figured to make a killing designing a house brand of booze.
Dr. Sunderson was working out a formula that would be cheaper and look authentic enough and he had collected enough empty bottles about the castle to stock a bar for a year. A side line of his was making whiskey and he had a great still going in the cellar anyway.
Meanwhile at the Castle the Queen was wondering what the old gal was up to. She was absent from the premises so much lately that she decided to follow her one of these days soon. She had her hands full with the three little ones when the Queen Mum was not there.
Little Leeza Brown was up to her neck in trouble. Her milk cows were not producing as they should. Seems that they were not getting enough grazing area and Leeza was letting them stray further off the grounds. The people that owned the adjourning property were going to go to the Queen and that may threaten Leeza's job. She had to figure out what to do and how to nourish those cows without them eating grass. Perhaps she could get some incite from Dr. Sunderson as he was so clever with all his sidelines he may have a recipe for cow mash of a kind that would do the trick. Maybe a concoction of dandelions???

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