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South Beach Boardwalk Charles Schleininger corsair Worked at South Beach summers of 52 &
53. If you remember the flag poll there
was a custard & pop corn stand on the
NW corner; & a food stand just south of it.
Worked both places. Sometimes when I
had a break, & traffic was slow the
owners of the games of chance would let
me play for free & set the bottles,
balloons, ... so I would win. this would
draw a crowd & I would move on as they
reset their props. Also gave me a chance
to use free custard as an opening to ask
for a date. One hot day two of NYPD
finest asked for beer in a cup. Since I was
under 18 I told them I could not serve
beer. They talked to the owner & he told
me any time they wanted a free beer to
take them in the back. So the next time I
joined them. Nothing was said by them
but the boss went crazy. I said what are
they going to do, after all they are drinking
on duty with a minor.

As I understand it the amusement park
closed as part of the plan to make South
Beach a public park. Drove by the
boardwalk recently & could not believe
the trash, undergrowth, & wondered how
safe the place is now.

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