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Rudy bans New Yorkers Diane J DJ Lost Today the AP wire announced that Mayor Rudy Giuliani had signed into effect a new law banning New Yorkers. It comes at the peak of his "quality of life" campaign, where he wants to improve the city. The best step to reaching that goal is by eliminating New Yorkers from the New York City. "Really the most disgusting part of the city are the people, so if we can get rid of them, then this will be the greatest place on Earth," Rudy said. The plan calls for moving Brooklyn and Queens to the underdeveloped state of Rhode Island, while Staten Island and Manhattan will be sent to the Midwest. The Bronx will be caged and sent to a research lab in DC. "Overall, the Mayor sees this as a chance to eliminate doubts upstate that he is a city slicker, and he can wipe out the largest contingent of Hillary supporters," said advisor John McHale.

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