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Syttende Mai - Welcome Ken Ken Parese PoTown Now that th' tiger's outta th' tank, tanks for the "embrasso de mort", rs. There is some semblance of trut (this "Cousin Vinny" stuff is infectious) to what your're sayin'. But the holdup wasn't Curtis, it was an additional 2 years at Saint Peter's (one at the girl's high) plus 2 years in kindygarden.

Failed the nap-mat sewing course....remember those paper mats? My mother kept making me throw them away. (She was so clean, she usta put newspapers under the cookoo clock.) Two naps and they were filthy...bad-a-bing, bad-a-boom, Betty Boop....make a new one. If it wasn't for the great custodial services at PS 17, I'dda still been sewin'away.

So....that accounts for the 5-6 years (and those are the facts, r.s.)

He's right 'bout the changes, tho'. Two of me to one of him. Nice odds.

The signing of his yearbook was documented like it was the Magna Carta. Can't deny nuthin'.

Now for the burning Curtis graduates can appreciate come us normal male swimmers got to swim at Curtis PeeTee at the b.a. in the b.a. while you lifeguards and pool monitors (eh, r.s.) got to wear your wet-suits? Huh?????

Tanks for lettin' me set th' record strate,

KP from PK

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