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Hi, Harry da Hammer.

Ya reminded me of dem Runyon characters ("three parties from Brooklyn") called Harry the Horse, Little Isadore, and Spanish John. Very menacing customers indeed. In da days of me yout, I woulda betcha dat dose characters were up amonst da immortals, but da younger crowd don't know dem at all no more.

I useta know a guy from Boston who was much interested in horse racing, and he and I used to speak Runyon to each udda.

He would sometimes be readin da paper, and he'd say to me, "Friend Al, how do you name this horse: his papa is called X, and his mama is called Y." And den I would try to come up wit a name for da horse based on his parents' names. Sometimes he would say my suggestion was better than the horse's real name, but usually not.

Our favorite horse's name belonged to a very good horse back in the late fifties or thereabouts. This horse's papa's name was Prince John and his mama's name was Peroxide Blonde. Anybody remember that horse's name?

It was Stage Door Johnny. Ain't that good?

Jim Donnelly

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