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As Charlton Hairsuit started the next panel of his SI ferry boat mural on the ceiling of Al Deppe's penny arcade, a strange thing happened. He found himself transported into the mural!

He was on the lower deck of the Mary Murray, watching a crap game in the back of a Brookhatten chain drive truck. The truck had picked up a load of rubber bales at pier 4 in Tompkinsville and was on the midnight boat to Manhattan. There were a couple of longshoremen, two presumed hookers (see the last episode) and a motley crew of Nostriviot kibitzers (they were too broke to throw any money into the game), the truck driver, his shotgun rider, a sailor in bellbottom trousers with 4 hash marks on his sleeve, his sweetheart and a couple of guys dressed in black with small wooden boxes.

One of the guys in black had the dice and was trying to make his point: boxcars came up again! His goombardie whispered encouragement to him: "" and faded him with a double sawbuck which he pulled out of his box. The shooter turned around and looked at the kibitzers and said "Sh-sh, sh-sh?"

Charlton Hairsuit noticed that both of the guys in black had black stains on their hands....could they be members of the infamous "black hand society" that was purported to have its' Godfather on SI?.....

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