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Syttende Mai Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Guess I'm gonna havta introduce Ken Parese, Curtis '58, and PS 17, probably 5-6 years before that.

Ken's the one who saw my name here some time ago and emailed wondering if that's my picture on page such-and-such of the Curtis Yearbook, the one with the Sputnik on the cover. October, 1957, was when the Soviets put up Sputnik, which scared the hell out of the powers that be. I can remember watching it sail over Four Corners. Beep, beep, beep.

Any rate, that's how far back Parese goes.

Four decades later he was visiting San Francisco with his pal Barbara and we got together. What'd we do? I had him sign my Curtis '58 Sputnik Yearbook.

If he figures out how, maybe he'll post the photo of the signing. It's odd; Ken looks a lot different than his yearbook picture while I haven't changed a bit.



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