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My trip up north last week Neal Mulligan neal Rich,
So you don't like to drive in Boston, picky picky picky.

In 1960 I drove there intending to go to Suffolk Downs. It began to rain as we entered the center of the city. Having no idea where the track was we asked a few drivers at corners and stop signs. Nobody knew. Finally a motorist heard us asking and he pulled up along side to give us directions.
He told us to take the Mystic River Bridge.
Straight ahead he said, to the 2nd light then left, then right, then left, then right etc. When he pulled away we saw Florida plates, and were skeptical. Never the less we drove two lights, took left took right took left etc.
Suffice to say no Mystic River Bridge. we saw a cop. Hey, he'll know we thought. "OFFICER" can you direct us to the Mystic River Bridge? Where ya goin? Suffolk Downs. Take the the Summner Tunnel, he said.
OK says we. How do we get there? Go down here then take a left at the light, then a right then a left etc, ya can't miss it. Well we did just that, took a left took a right took a left..., but no f**kin Tunnel. It's raining real hard now, the first race is underway. So we stop a cab driver. How do we get to the Summner Tunnel? Where ya goin? Suffolk Downs. Easier to take Mystic River Bridge says he. OK, says we. well turn around and go back Comm Ave. Then take a right, then a left, then a right etc. but he added when you get over bridge take 1st exit and turn right follow signs to SD. OK we did what he said having no confidence at all but lo and behold there was the Mystic River Bridge, it's raining cats and dogs now we can hardly see. We get on bridge and took 1st exit we saw. WRONG. The first exit on the bridge took us on to Storrow drive, we passed under the Bridge. Now we a headed south to god knows where. Finally we escaped Storrow and were back in mid town. We see a cop in rain gear. OFFICER CAN YOU TELL US HOW TO GET TO THE MYSTIC RIVER BRIDGE. He walks slowly over to our car and leans in. It"s the same COP. I thought I sent you guys to the Summner Tunnel. We felt pretty stupid. Well he stops traffic so we can U-turn and we're back taking lefts and rights. But no Tunnel. We see another Cabbie, hey maybe this guy can help us the other Cabbie did. Can you tell us how we get to the Mystic River Bridge we asked giving up on the tunnel. Where ya goin? SD. Why don't you take the Summner Tunnel? GOD DAMN IT WE'LL TAKE A FERRY WHERE THE HELL IS THE TUNNEL. Right across the street.
Well, there it was alright. He further offered that when we got across to take the highway north and watch for signs for the Mystic River Bridge and Suffolk Downs. Well we got through the tunnel and turned north. There they were signs saying SD and MRB, SD and MRB every couple hundred yards. Well what can I say? Visibility was bad it was raining. I thought the sign said SD but I was about 50 yards to soon. We were now on the MRB heading back to Boston. At this point the 2nd race was underway and we would have gone home to Springfield but who knew how to get there. Speculation among the other passengers arose that we had died gone to hell and were doomed to drive around Boston for all eternity. At this point I redoubled my efforts. Isn't that the definition of a fanatic? About a half hour later, we found the tunnel again and this time I took the second right. Got to the track about the start of the fifth race. Would you like to guess how many winners we had, I'll help there were 5 betters.

I love Boston.

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