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My trip up north last week Richard La Dieu Rich LaDieu Hi folks, I'll try ta be brief about this.

left mary's land at 7 am with daughter and grand daughter. arrived in satorga lake (malta area) at about 3 pm. visited my long time family friends carol and jack fitzgerald. nice irish couple. called iquill but got an answering machine.

motels filled up so stay and carol and jack's house.

sunday, left for vermount. called iquill but missed her by about 5 or ten minutes. next time doll we get ta getter ok??

took the ferry at ticondaoga (watta spell job) ta vt. my grand daughter loved it.

arrived in st. albans vt at 2 pm. took a nap. about 3:30pm, my daughter baggered me inta driving all da way ta montreal.

well it was raining and all da sings were in foggie language. i can read engulish and now i am expected ta read some funny little characters. wow. anyways got some presents for myself and family, including grand daughter.

got back ta st albans about 8:30 pm. short trip.

monday visited my cousins in enoisburg. got more family history.

monday nite went to another cousins house in swanton. got loads of more info and pictures etc. great meeting of the ladieu clan. i learned i still have a great uncle and great aunt still living.

tuesday arrived in nashua, n.h. stay ad cousins house for shot time. daughter baggered me again to drive and visit boston.

that city sucks for driving in. i'd only send my worst enemy there as punishment. anyway stay around couple hours, took pix's got presents. went to woonsockete r.i. stay o'nite at motel. had b'fast with sister in am. went to grafton, mass. stay at cousins house. met a cousin i never knew existed until about a month ago. great pix's and loads more family info.

left grafton thursday morning. went long way round to visit neal in enfield, conn. missed neal. we spoke late that day via phone. next time neal --- bettcha shorts on it.

arrived on s.island thursday after noon. visited old home stead in mariners harbor. saw neice and sister still living in old neighborhood.

went to other niece house and stay o'nite there. visited city with daughter and granddaughter friday. road in one of dem horse carrages in central park. did lots of tourist stuff.

back on da island. drove around the north shore. disappointed in many things i saw. had pizza at joe and pats in fawcawners. place looked great since da fire.

visited mt. loretto for short time. i felt very strange looking at the damage caused by the fire. i took a brick from the rubble for person reasons i will not go into.

saturday went to toms river to visit family friends.

sunday home for mothers day later afternoon. cooked dinner for wife. cleaned up kitchen, poured me four fingers of caugh medicine, sat in lounge chair --- drank about half da caught medicine, woke up about midnight and went ta bed.

well dats da trip in a nut shell. did lots of other little things on the trip but i won't bore all use guys and goils wit da details.


p.s. i left da pink tutu home

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