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It's Snowing Robert Sheridan bobsheridan Well it's been rainin' in San Francisco. When it rains down here on the warm coast, it snows high up in da cold mountains where Harry lives and downloads jokelists.
You can generally tell how much it's snowing in Mammoth by how much Harry is sittin' at the keyboard, keepin' warm.

The other nice thing about living at sea-level is that there's air to breathe. Above six-thousand feet elevation it takes all day to boil an egg. Can't even keep a candle lit. You wake at nite gasping for air. Well, make that 9,000 feet, like at Aspen. Come back down to earth and you're on fire again. No snow to shovel, either.

Waytago, Harry.


PS Is it true that people who live in da mountains have one leg shorter than the other?

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