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HA, HA, HA!!!! George Jaenicke grjaenicke What a shame that we are all so quick to judge, take sides, point fingers and place blame. Here is another case of someone being tried and convicted by the press before the facts are known.

The wonderful NY press started tearing into Rudy a couple of years ago, spreading the story that he and Donna were breaking up and that he was having an affair. Maybe it was true but why should it become the focus of the media,that they dig and dig and force the story to take on the angle that they want it to have.

What chance does someone have that is having problems in a relationship have to mutually work them out with their partner when personal life both real and perceived is spread all over the news every day. maybe the press should have paid as much attention to some of the good things that Rudy did for NY since he became it's Mayor, but that doesn't sell newspapers .

I don't condone someone cheating on their spouse while they are still married. Because someone has been seen in public with another woman certainly does not mean to me that he is sleeping with her. There are two sides to every story and how do we know what his relationship with Donna has been for years. More than likely if it has been poor this marriage would have ended long ago if they had not been public figures.

The scantily of a marriage is a private thing and not something that deserves the media attention that it has been receiving. When someone agrees to serve the public they owe you the obligation to do the best possible job that they are capable of performing in the position that they were elected or appointed to. We as the public do not have the right to know every detail of their private lives during the time that they are filling that position.

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